Collection of short pieces on a variety of topics pertaining to ChicoryLane Farm.  They range from perceptions and reflections from an early morning walk to broader musings on ecological perception and practices based on order of magnitude of parcel size.

They are the kinds of writings one would find in a blog, but included here to make them more easily accessible and less encumbered than would be the case were they embedded in blog software.

Managing Land Ecologically Using Perspective of Scale

Musings on ecological enhancement for properties of different orders of magnitude by size. Addresses both conception and practices. (2017)

Managing Land For Ecological Diversity

A five-step approach to managing land for ecological diversity.  Steps include
  1. cataloging plants
  2. identifying plant communities
  3. identifying vision and goals
  4. identifying plants to be added or removed
  5. developing a management plan


Values and Goals

Early thoughts on values and goals for ChicoryLane Farm.  Emphasizes ecological enhancement, education and research, and aesthetic awareness and enjoyment of natural landscape. (2012)

Perceptions of the Place

A look back at changing views of ChicoryLane Farm and living on the farm over a nearly 40-year period. (2012)

Weed Walk: Graminoids

Recollections from a fall weed walk at ChicoryLane Farm by members of the Pennsylvania Native Plant Society, emphasizing Graminoids. (August, 2013)

A Spring Weed Walk

Recollections of a weed walk at ChicoryLane Farm with a group of seventeen visitors sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). (2012)

A Sense of Place

Musings on developing and having a sense of place. (2012)

October, 2017